My Primitive Brain

When I encounter something new, my primitive brain warns “That looks different, which means it must be dangerous.  Better steer clear of that!”

When I encounter confrontation, my primitive brain says “You’re not smart/strong enough win this fight, even if you are right” and urges me to hide.

When I want to break out of my comfort zone, my primitive brain asks “Are you really sure you want to try that?  Remember the last time you tried something new?”

When I am faced with making difficult decisions, my primitive brain makes me feel a sense of urgency and panic, and then says “You’re not ready to make a decision yet.  Just wait a little longer and maybe it will take care of itself”

When I need to focus my attention on a difficult or important task, my primitive brain says “Ooooh look!  A squirrel!”

When I achieve a significant goal, my primitive brain congratulates me saying “You are invincible!”, then an hour later follows up with “That was probably just good luck.  It won’t happen again.”

My primitive brain serves a very important purpose; to keep me safe from danger and ensure I choose an adequate mate.  It takes its job very seriously and is running in overdrive, making decisions on every single aspect of my life.   The real problem though, is my newly evolved brain is letting it get away with it.

Our primitive brains only know five things; fight, flight, freeze, feed and fornicate.  Our primitive brains are incapable of reasoning.  Success in any aspect of life cannot be achieved by allowing decisions to be governed by our primitive brains.

It’s time for my newly evolved brain to step up and take control.

  • Where there was panic, there will be awareness.
  • Where there was fear, there will be understanding.
  • Where there was discomfort, there will be acceptance.
  • Where there was mediocrity, there will be brilliance.
  • Where there was safety, there will be adventure.  


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