Welcome to The Entrepreneur Economy podcast, where we talk to founders who are forging their way to success.  Whether preparing themselves for investment, or just kicking things off, we’ll hear about the highs and the lows, almost as they happen.  We aim to show that people from all walks of life and all backgrounds can do something special.  We’re more interested in the person than the business, although the idea behind the business is a large part of what seek to discover.  We aim to bring an honest, “warts and all” perspective with the goal to show people what it really takes, while at the same time encourage everyone to give it a go.

The Entrepreneur Economy podcast is all about entrepreneurs, what makes them tick, and why they do what they do.  I believe that economies will thrive with more entrepreneurs, which will, in turn, create more opportunities for yet more entrepreneurs.  This podcast aims to dig deep into the psyche of those who take on the challenge of starting a business for themselves.  I aim to show that beneath it all, we are all pretty much the same.  Being an entrepreneur is not just for the geniuses, or those with buckets of charisma or truck loads of cash.  Everyday people have the power to change the world.


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