Episode 001 (Pilot): Cassie Dewar - Inspirationery

In this, my inaugural episode, I speak with Cassie Dewar, founder of Inspirationery, an eco-friendly, designer stationery social enterprise.  Cassie talks about going from idea to execution and the commitment it takes to bootstrap a business.

You can listen to the episode here:

Inspirationery is a Social Enterprise, meaning the profits produce, or a part there-of, are used to help the local or global community in some way.  The term "Social Enterprise" is reasonably new and can be a little confusing to the uninitiated.  Traditionally, a business will operate as a non-profit or not-for-profit where there is some charitable end to the mission of the business, however, many for-profit businesses are now adopting a new approach and actually incorporating social responsibility into their business structure.

For a more complete explanation of Social Enterprises, here is an article that explains it better than I ever could.

Cassie had the idea for Inspirationery when she became disillusioned with her corporate career and started to search for something more meaningful.  This is such a common story we hear these days, but actually doing something about it and making it happen is not so common.

We talk about her inspiration and some of the things she has done to ensure she achieves success.


Here my take-aways from the interview: -

Find your support crew

It's difficult enough as it is to start a business without trying to do everything yourself.  Surround yourself with a team that will support you in your endeavours; whether they are providing technical expertise, an extra pair of hands, or just emotional support.

Have a go

You just cannot be sure of what you can achieve until you take a crack at it.  It's always better to have the regret of failure over the regret of not trying.

Get advice

Whether you need some professional advice, or you just need someone to bounce ideas off, make sure you seek out the people who can mentor and guide you through your journey.  You may be able to overcome some difficult situations yourself, but the right advisors can help you avoid those challenges in the first place.

Pomodoro technique

I had to research the Pomodoro Technique, as I had never heard of it before.  The technique is essentially using a timer to break up your work time into small chunks, usually around 25 minutes.  Between each "chunk" you take a 3-5 minute break.

Here is some more information on the technique.  I must admit that it sounds a bit disruptive, particularly if you have a flow going, but I will try it out and see what the results show.

Sharing the love

Cassie has an amazing team behind her and is always singing their praises.  If you are need of any of these services, make sure you get in contact with them.

Social Media by Jessica at Organik Digital (http://organikdigital.com.au/)

Graphic Design by Tonielle at For Good (http://forgood.com.au/ and Instagram @forgoodstudio)

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Cassie can be contacted via email or through her website http://inspirationery.co

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