Episode 005: Sophie Weldon - Storypod

Sophie is the founder of Humankind Enterprises, creators of StoryPod, an initiative that seeks to utilise mobile spaces, events and experiences to capture ideas, opinions and stories that connect people through generations.

The social impact of StoryPod is specifically aimed at reducing the social isolation faced by older Australians, facilitating more meaningful connections between youth and elders and ensuring that Australian stories are not lost.

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Sophie developed her passion for social impact from an early age, through the initiatives run at her local Primary School, but it wasn't until she met Adut, a young refugee from Sudan a few years older then herself.  After developing a strong bond with Adut, Sophie documented what she learned in a short story, which went on to win a national writing competition.

Sophie Weldon - Humankind Enterprises

Sophie's combined passions for story telling and social good took her from studying International Studies to film school, where the idea for Storypod was first conceived, and after working on the concept on and off for several years, including receiving interest from Sony Corporation, she was awarded a Myer Innovation Fellowship which provided the opportunity and the incentive to knuckle down and work on bringing Storypod to life.

Sophie acknowledges just how difficult it is starting a businesses by herself, but has some big dreams for both Storypod, and her company Humankind Enterprises.


Learn to tell your story

Know your story and learn how to tell it to others.  Be authentic and passionate about it.  A great story will always be a more powerful marketing tool than disingenuous sales copy.

Test your assumptions

As early on in the process of building your business, you need to test all assumptions made through the planning process.  Just because it sounds good to you, doesn't mean that your targeted customers will think the same thing.

Don't get in your own way

We can often be our own worst enemy when it comes to starting our businesses.  Self-doubt and fear can derail your progress very quickly.  Once you have set your goals and your plan to achieve them, get out of your own way and make them happen.


Sophie can be reached via email, on Facebook @ StorypodPlatform and through her website http://www.humankind.enterprises.

If you are interested in helping Sophie with Storypod, or just want to give some words or encouragement, please get in contact with her.

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