Episode 006: Deirdre Porter - MyMic

Before starting one of the hottest new apps that's about to hit the market, Deirdre's story is one of many turns; working in a job she hated, learning the value of work ethic by running her own small retail businesses, then breaking into the world of startups with a killer idea, a heart full of passion and a head full of determination.

Deirdre knew early on that she wouldn't be able to bring this vision to life by herself, and immediately sought strategic partnerships that would allow her to put herself in front of the decision makers that would be key to MyMic's success.  The most recent being a competition where she pitched to key people at Samsung and Singtel.

Listen to the Deirdre's story here: -


Learn to make Social Media work for you

Just being on Social Media is not enough.  You need to work your networks and connect with as many people as you can within your desired space.  Connect, share and add as much value as you can.

Remain open to opportunities

Be focused on your goals, but not so focused as to be unaware of any opportunities that may come your way, even if those opportunities take you in a direction previously not thought of.

Stay positive

Let's face it... no-one likes a grumpy Gus, or negative Nelly.  Stay positive, even if you are not confident.  Projected positivity is still more powerful than honest negativity.


Deirdre can be reached on Facebook, on Twitter or via LinkedIn.

Deirdre has graciously offered her ear to your questions, so if you have any questions regarding startups or pitching or technology, or if you just want to say "hey!", get in touch with her.  She really wants you to!

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