Episode 007: Barry Nguyen - EVX Ventures

When you hear the words “Electric Car”, you might be excused for automatically thinking of Elon Musk, but EVX Ventures’ CEO, Barry Nguyen is looking to change that.  EVX Ventures is developing the technology that may some day see us all driving solar powered electric vehicles.  Barry’s journey has taken him from Physiotherapy student, to the cutting edge of electric vehicle design.

Barry made the conscious decision to change his path, reading 52 books on entrepreneurship and personal development in one year.  

Listen to Barry's journey here: -

Before starting EVX Ventures, Barry honed his ability to execute on an idea by starting several businesses in the health and wellness industry.  It wasn't all plain sailing for Barry, with some failures and serious challenges along the way, including difficulties with co-founders in two separate cases.

Throughout the journey, Barry spent much of his time experimenting, learning tuning his intuition, all the while pivoting and moving things forwards, never being satisfied with the status quo or resting on his laurels.

After realising his true passion is in the automotive industry, he started EVX Ventures, and dreams of one day launching a solar powered electric vehicle.


Emotional Support

Build an emotional support network around you, whether friends, family or both.  You will have difficult times, and a support team will be there when you need it most.


Don't let limitations hold you back from achieving your goals.  Build on your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses.  Learn what you can, or partner with others who have the skills and knowledge to compliment yours.


Don't be afraid to allow opportunities to steer you in a different direction.  You can always change course yourself if you need to.


You can find out about EVX Ventures through their website www.evxventures.com and on Facebook.  You can get in contact Barry via email barry @ evxventures.com.  Let him know what you think of their concept car, the Immortus!

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