Episode 009: Monica Wulff - Startup Muster

Startup Muster, Australia's largest survey of startups, is here again, and Mon Wulff shares why it's so important for all founders, entrepreneurs and startup peeps to be involved.

With the 2016 survey upon us, Monica is focussed on building on the success of the 2015 survey, with results from 602 startups, and showing us important statistics like; 23% of founders are between the ages of 30 and 35, 50% having no previous startup experience and 33.3% starting because of dissatisfaction with their previous job.  Monica's greatest focus is to make sure the survey is easy to complete and as relevant as possible.

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"The feedback has been positive from last year" says Monica of the 2015 survey.  Suggestions like extending the options for types of funding, and generally increasing the level of granularity, have given Monica and the team some work to do however they are mindful of keeping the survey relevant and ensuring it is not overloaded.

The 2015 survey contained some powerful information, including one surprising statistic that showed while 69% of startups were using outsourcing (this is no real surprise), 50% were outsourcing work to within Australia.

Before co-founding Startup Muster, Monica earned a Bachelor of Applied Economics from Macquarie University, but it was her formative years, being the only student at a German school in Sydney who had a non-German speaking background, that taught her to be resourceful.  She also learned some powerful lessons from her business-minded father and grand-father.  The most valuable lesson being that a "corporate job is not the be-all-and-end-all".

Monica describes her involvement in hackathons like Hackfood, Govhack and techfugees as "amazing experiences", and is something that she looks forward to continuing this year, understanding the importance of projects like hackathons.  Indeed, the 2015 survey showed that "founders... got inspiration from direct exposure or from media related to startups", and hackathons are a perfect place to gain that exposure.

Mentors have been important throughout Monica's journey, particularly from fellow female founders through groups like Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (you can find them on Facebook).

The future for Startup Muster is exciting, although Monica was unable to share details at the time of recording this podcast, so we'll have to check in again in a few months time.  For Monica, her personal goal is to be involved in the UN when classification standard for Startups is discussed.  For a self-confessed data nerd like Monica, it stands to reason that she should be involved.


Be resourceful

Use every skill you have, every trick in the book in order to achieve the outcomes you need to succeed.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

Take on the challenges that you would normally avoid, because that's where opportunities lie.

Back yourself

Once you have taken on the challenge, believe in yourself and trust that you can do what needs to be done, because your startup relies on it.


To fill out the 2016 survey, or to review the results of the 2015 survey, visit the StartupMuster website www.startupmuster.com.  If you're a founder or you are involved in a startup, please do yourself and everyone else in the eco-system a favour and complete the survey.  Monica and the team at Startup Muster would also appreciate you sharing this with your whole network.  The more startups in the survey, the more meaningful the results.

You can follow Startup Muster on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and you can reach out to Monica via email, Twitter or LinkedIn.  She loves to talk about startups.

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