Episode 019: Kellee Morgan - Housemate Ninja

After landing a job with a company advising on the recent Australian Government's R&D tax incentive, a job that involved researching startups, Kellee Morgan began to feel the pull of the startup world.

She signed up to newsletters and joined entrepreneur groups to find out more.  Aptly, it was a company that will send an envelope full of glitter to someone of your choosing, that sparked the desire to start something herself.

For many of the roles that Kellee has held (Travel consultant, fitness instructor, founder of local startup network The Hastings Innovation Network), helping people has been a central theme.  This speaks volumes about the type of person that Kellee is, and is a core attribute that many successful entrepreneurs have.

The idea for Housemate Ninja came from a question posted on a mothers' Facebook group of which Kellee is a member.  The poster was asking if anyone knew of a place where she could advertise a room that she wanted to rent out.  After discovering that there were no appropriate options, Kellee decided to create something herself.

Kellee had always had ideas but struggled to come up with anything original.  Her determination to find something that truly resonated with her though, ensured that her search would continue.  When the idea for Housemate Ninja struck she was initially worried that it was going to cost too much to develop and she set the idea aside.  Her instinct wouldn't let it lie still though, so she made an important step; she sought counsel from her network.

Kellee attributes community groups, including Reddit, for her rapid education on startups and entrepreneurship.

I’ve done it so far!
— Kellee Morgan

Kellee's biggest challenge has been coming to grips with the technical side of things, often being asked questions that are outside of her field of expertise.  While this and other challenges haven't stopped her, she has suffered from the occasional doubt.  When she is faced with these doubts, she reminds herself that "I've done it so far".  "I can have down days, let those down days pass" she says.  Kellee reminds us that it's important to stop, pause, spend time with family.  Take some time away from that for which you are striving.

Kellee's immediate goal is to grow quickly and grab Australian market, but with a solid strategy to grow in localised areas first.  She then expects to look to international markets, in places where it is expensive to live, or are popular with ex-pat Aussies.

The Ask

The immediate need for Housemate Ninja is in growing the tribe, so Kellee asks for everyone to jump on Facebook and join the conversation.  You can also follow Housemate Ninja on Instagram, and Twitter.  Tell your friends about HouseMate Ninja and signup for updates.

Of course, you must check out the Housemate Ninja website.  Make sure you sign-up, and play the mini-game while your there.

Kellee is working on developing a crowdfunding campaign as well, so keep an eye out for it.

You can also reach out to Kellee on LinkedIn.


Find people to talk to

Seek out people in your local community, engage with groups on Reddit and Facebook.  Ask questions, seek answers.


It's a fact; you will have down days.  Let them happen, switch off and do something enjoyable for an hour, a day, or even a week, if you need.  When your ready to get back into it, you'll be refreshed.

Build your tribe

Social media platforms need authentic engagement, not just pushing sales.  Let your personality shine through in your posts, and be authentic.

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