Episode 020: Kyra Reed - Social Media Expert

 Social Media can be a minefield for many entrepreneurs.  Which platform to use?  What content to post?  When to post?  It can be daunting, and often overwhelming for those of us who are only used to posting status updates sharing what we had for breakfast this morning.   Thankfully, we can learn how to manage our social media presence, and build an engaged and active audience.

Social Media expert Kyra Reed from Made To Order is here to help us to navigate the social media minefield, and provide some helpful advice for startups and entrepreneurs.

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As with all things worthwhile, it will take a lot of hard work, especially when you are just starting off.  While there is no simple to follow formula, there are a few key pieces of advice that Kyra can share with us that will go a long way to helping us on our journey.

Do It Yourself

Kyra recommends that, unless you hate it, do it yourself because "No one knows what's happening in your business more than you."

Taking care of your own social media content creates authenticity, and allows you to connect better with your customers/audience.  "People want to get a vibe of who you are."  It is difficult to convey your persona and your values through a third-party.

Be Consistent

Consistency from the beginning is crucial.  Before you have even attracted an audience, developing the habit of posting content regularly will help sustain you in the long run.

Kyra says that consistency is the key to developing your audience.  "If you're consistent, you will find your audience."

Even when your audience is small, consistency will build trust and confidence in you and your message.  Your audience will come to know when to expect your next post, and will starting looking out for it.

Spend The Time

No matter what your business, or who your audience is, you need to allocate sufficient time to you social media presence.  "Why would you relegate something that could change your entire business to just 3 or 4 hours per week simply because you don't have the time?  It's the thing that's going to get you the most exposure the quickest... for free!"

Kyra advises to divide your time between content creation, content distribution, and engagement with other's content.

This third part is crucial to building your audience from those who are following other influencers in your space.

Develop The Right Mindset

Your social media presence is not just a minor part of your marketing strategy, it is the tool that ties everything together.  Kyra says that your social media content should be aligned with sales, PR and product development.  "When social integrates into an entire business, it will change a business for the better."

Develop Your Message

Take the time to work out what you want to say.  What is your unique message that you want to share with your customers.  Kyra suggests that you develop a message that is unique to you, and then repeat that message over and over again.  This message should be the underlying theme behind all of your content.

Once you have developed your message, look for ways to amplify that message, for example; guest blog posts, podcasts, interviews, keynote presentations.

You will need to talk about your message for a long time before it reaches everyone that you want to hear it, and they will need to hear it multiple times before they come to understand that this is your message.

Provide Value First

The one thing that most businesses fail to understand is that your audience is not there for you, you need to be there for your audience.  That means you need to provide value, first and always.  Kyra says "you have to build a relationship with your audience.  Be there for your customer, not the other way around.  Show them that you understand their needs."

90% of the content that you produce should be aimed at providing value to your audience.  Only when you have provided more value than you would expect from your customers can ask something of them.


Kyra is the co-founder of Made To Order ([MTO]), a full-service social media agency based in California, USA.  [MTO] offer a range of online courses to help businesses with their social media strategy.  The three courses that Kyra recommends are: -

  • Short Cut To Self-Promotion Mastery (How to overcome fear of self-promotion)

  • 5 Weeks to Authenticity and Leadership

  • Power To Thrive Mastermind Course

These courses are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your social media presence, and, most importantly, get you seen by your desired audience.

If you would like to know more about Kyra and her agency, their web site is mtoagency.com

Their courses can be found here.

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