Episode 023: Akshay Alva - Feedoozy

Having launched Feedoozy in India, Akshay and his co-founders are looking at what they can learn from other global markets, starting with Melbourne, Australia.

Akshay and I chat about; finding the right idea, leveraging your strengths, and understanding your markets.

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The Ask

Akshay's current focus is on learning from the local market, so if you are a business who has, or needs, a customer feedback system, get in touch and find out more about Feedoozy.

You can find out more about Feedoozy on the website.  You can also reach out to Akshay directly via email or mobile phone.


Use your feedback

Most of the time, the idea we start out with is not what our business looks like some way down the track.  It is through feedback that we are able to change course, and the more rapidly we do that, the closer to product-market fit we will be.

Talk to all of your markets

Like many businesses, you may have more than one market.  If this is the case, ensure you are listening to, and learning from, all of your markets.  Each market will have different needs and will react differently to your processes.  Don't assume.  Test them all.

Leverage your strengths

Getting started is usually the hardest part of any journey, and starting a business is no different.  If you're not sure where to start, look to yourself first, and what you are good at.  Find your own strengths and start there.  If you can code, start building something.  If you can sell, start talking to customers before you worry about having a product.  It all depends on the skills you have.

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