Episode 024: Craig Martin - Tribalmind

Craig Martin, Founder of Tribalmind, discusses his vision for collecting and sharing knowledge.

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The Ask

With Tribalmind currently in beta testing, Craig would absolutely love asmany people logging on and recording any information that they feel is important to record.

You can register for Tribalmind on the website.  You can also reach out to Craig via email.


Choose your advisors wisely

Not all advisors are created equal.  You will often come across people willing to give you advice without considering your circumstances or vision.  Look for advisors who are aligned with you and can understand your goals.

Stick to your vision

While it's important to consider pivots when your initial direction is not successful, it's equally important to keep your own vision in mind.  Don't let others sway you from your vision, but let your vision guide you to success.

Learn from everyone

Everyone around you has something they can teach you.  You first need to be willing to learn.

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